The Open Ocean Trustees would like your input as we identify objectives and priorities that will guide future restoration, monitoring, and evaluation for fish and water column invertebrates. A strategic, long-term approach to address the complex injury to these important resources is essential to ensure restoration success.

While this is not a call for restoration project ideas, our restoration experts are gathering information to help:

  • Determine objectives and priorities for fish and water column invertebrate restoration.
  • Improve communication with stakeholders and the public.
  • Identify opportunities for additional restoration partnerships.

You can provide us your input through a number of venues during the winter and spring of 2021:

We anticipate this public input phase of strategic planning will wrap up at the end of May 2021. Then we’ll consider these inputs as we develop priorities and objectives. We will continue to provide updates on the next steps in the process.

We have made important progress to address injuries to fish and water column invertebrates through the restoration projects approved in our second Open Ocean Restoration Plan and the Oceanic Fish Restoration Project. This strategic planning effort will guide future fish and water column invertebrates restoration planning for the over $320 million dedicated to restore this resource.

For more information to help guide your input, please review these resources: