Discover Assessment and Restoration Data

During the course of the damage assessment, we collected a large amount of data to document the location and extent of the ecosystem injuries. We collected tens of thousands samples of oil, water, sediment, and even tissue from wildlife, to determine the impacts from oil.

Now that restoration implementation has begun, we are collecting information on our restoration projects and will provide regular updates on project activities. Once projects are complete, we will provide monitoring data, too.  

We will also make available all other data that are collected to support restoration. Assessment and restoration data are available through the tools below. Available data include injury assessment sample and observation data, restoration project status and financial information, and restoration monitoring data.


Search Data in DIVER Explorer

DIVER integrates data from many sources including the Trustees and BP, as well as historical information. The DIVER Explorer query tool can be used to filter, map, and download data and results. We will post data as it becomes available.

Mapping and Visualization

The Environmental Response Management Application (ERMA®) is a mapping tool that displays spatial data layers and analysis from the Deepwater Horizon response and Natural Resource Damage Assessment effort.