Louisiana Draft Plan Proposes Changes to Lake Charles Science Center Project


The Louisiana Trustee Implementation Group released a draft supplemental restoration plan (PDF, 85 pages) proposing changes to the Lake Charles Science Center and Educational Complex project, previously approved in the July 2018 Final Restoration Plan #2. If approved, the project site would be updated to co-locate the future science center with the Lake Charles Children’s Museum at the planned Port Wonder Facility, a future education and recreation development.

The Trustees notified the public of the considered changes in October 2018 and are soliciting public comment on the draft supplemental restoration plan until May 20, 2019. We will also hold a public meeting in Lake Charles on May 8.

Following the original approval of the project, stakeholders in Lake Charles requested that the Louisiana Trustee Implementation Group consider co-locating the Science Center with the planned Children’s Museum. The move would offer synergies between the two, potentially enhancing the center’s visibility, accessibility, and overall opportunities for the public to play and learn in one centralized area.

The preferred alternative, with the same project scope as the original, would include a 6,900 square foot science center operated by the Louisiana Department of Wildlife and Fisheries, along with 8,800 additional square feet of space shared with the museum.

Public comment can be submitted online or by U.S. Mail:

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