View Early Restoration Project Ideas


NOAA and other federal and state agencies are leading efforts to assess impacts to, and determine appropriate restoration for, Gulf resources injured by the Deepwater BP oil spill. 

Following a $1 billion early restoration agreement with BP, these natural resource trustees have been accepting restoration project ideas from members of the public. 

Those projects that have been submitted to the trustees for consideration are now available for review online. Use the map to see projects by location or view projects in a list. If you have project ideas, you can still submit them online

These project ideas are being evaluated as part of early restoration planning and also will be considered when a final BP oil spill restoration plan is developed. The inclusion of a project on this list does not indicate that it has been fully reviewed for meeting project selection criteria, nor is it guaranteed to be selected and approved. All projects approved by the trustees will be subject to public review and comment. 

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