Project Atlas Field Definitions

    Field Definition
Project Title The Project Title as listed in the Final Early Restoration Plan and Environmental Assessment (FERP/EA).
General Information: Project Description Narrative description of the project.
General Information: Implementing Trustee(s) Trustee agencies implementing the project.
General Information: Project Contact Project contact information for the implementing trustee(s).
Budget Information: Total Amount Allocated The amount of the project implementation base cost, as provided by BP.  Includes, without limitation, project planning, permitting, engineering design, construction, oversight, inspection, monitoring, and adaptive management. Contingency costs, if/as agreed to by the Trustees and BP, are included in this total.
Budget Information: Total Amount Expended (cumulative) The total amount that has been expended as of the budget date indicated. This amount includes contract expenditures and staff labor.  The specified amount only includes costs that have been paid out by the Trustees.
Project Details and Progress: Project Component Title The project component title, if applicable. Project components of each overall project will generally be separated by implementation groupings, as applicable. Exceptions are at the discretion of the Trustee; e.g. 15 artificial reef locations implemented concurrently in one county could be one project component; or each boat ramp could be a separate project component.
Project Details and Progress: Project Component Description Brief narrative description of the project component, if applicable.
Project Details and Progress: Type of Activities Conducted A brief description of the implementation activities conducted as of the date indicated.   Planning activities include: Permitting and Consultations, Engineering and Design, and Public Submittal of Bid Packages. Execution activities include: Contract Award, and Construction.  Long-Term Monitoring activities include Post Construction Monitoring.
Project Details and Progress: Status of Activities Conducted The status of the activity: In Progress or Completed.
Project Details and Progress: Date of Completed Activities Date of the completed activity, if applicable.
Project Details and Progress: Description of Activities Conducted Brief narrative description of the activity, if applicable. May include specifics about the activity and/or location of the activity, if applicable.
Geographic Information: State, County/Parish The county/parish and state(s) where the project is located. If applicable, add additional locations for the project component(s).
Geographic Location: Location Overview (Latitude/Longitude) Latitude and longitude to be used as an overarching project marker to represent project activities that could potentially span across a wide geographic area. Some projects have multiple locations that are not fully represented here.
Geographic Location: Overview Map For projects with multiple locations, the overview map is only intended to depict the general geographic location of the project. More specific locations are depicted in the detail map
Geographic Location: Detail Map Detailed coordinates representing the project component activities. There may be more than one location per project component depending upon the project implementation grouping.