Phase III of Early Restoration

Grasses grow in the sand near the shoreline

Beach habitat would be restored as part of the
proposed third phase of early restoration.

Below, you will find all available information about this phase of Early Restoration, including fact sheets on each project.

The final Phase III plan proposes $627 million for 44 new early restoration projects across the Gulf states. It also includes a programmatic environmental impact statement (EIS) and programmatic restoration plan for early restoration.

Our final decisions on both the programmatic early restoration plan alternative and each of the 44 projects are documented in a final Record of Decision.

Information about Phase III of Early Restoration

Final Programmatic and Phase III Early Restoration Plan and Early Restoration Programmatic Environmental Impact Statement

Part 1: Cover through Chapter 3 (PDF, 225 pages)

Part 2: Chapter 4 through Chapter 9 (PDF, 667 pages)

Part 3: Chapter 10 through Chapter 11 (PDF, 490 pages)

Part 4: Chapter 12A-C (PDF, 697 pages)

Part 5: Chapter 12 D-E (PDF, 749 pages)

Part 6: Chapter 13 (PDF, 117 pages)

Part 7: List of Preparers and Repositories (PDF, 10 pages)

Project Fact Sheets (published October 2014)






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