Notice of Initiation of Restoration Planning in Mississippi

Sunset over a forested Mississippi coastal waterway.
The Mississippi Trustees are requesting the public's input for project ideas for its fourth restoration plan.

The Mississippi Trustee Implementation Group is initiating drafting of its fourth restoration plan. 

We began this restoration planning effort in February 2022, by requesting project ideas from the public for the following Restoration Types in the Mississippi Restoration Area: 

  • Wetlands, Coastal, and Nearshore Habitats 

  • Nutrient Reduction (Non Point Source) 

  • Provide and Enhance Recreational Use Opportunities 

We greatly appreciate your input and are reviewing those project ideas that were submitted or updated in response to the request for project ideas. We will develop a Draft Restoration Plan 4 and make it available for public review and comment. The Draft Restoration Plan 4 may include proposed projects for some or all of the restoration types listed above. 

After the comment period ends for Draft Restoration Plan 4, the Mississippi Trustee Implementation Group will then review, consider, and incorporate public comments before completing the final restoration plan. 

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