Alabama Trustees Release Draft Supplemental Environmental Assessment for Swift Tract Living Shoreline

Existing breakwaters at the Swift Tract are helping restore oyster habitat and protect the shoreline in Weeks Bay.

The Alabama Trustee Implementation Group has released a draft supplemental environmental assessment to the 2014 Final Phase III Early Restoration Plan. The Alabama Swift Tract Living Shoreline Project: Supplemental Environmental Assessment (PDF, 28 pages) is available for public comment for 30 days through March 28, 2022.  

The trustees are proposing to relocate rock material in the vicinity of the Alabama Swift Tract Living Shoreline Project to another nearby breakwater structure. The rock material may have been placed in the current locations as part of the project but could potentially cause recreational, navigational, or other impacts and need to be moved—as described in the supplement document.

Because the removal and placement of the rock material is located outside of the project’s originally evaluated action area, the Alabama Trustee Implementation Group is evaluating these activities in a supplemental environmental assessment. The Draft Supplemental Environmental Assessment includes details about the proposed activities and the potential environmental consequences, and is consistent with the Final Phase III Early Restoration Plan.

Submit Public Comment

We’re now asking for public comment on the Draft Supplemental Environmental Assessment. Comments can be made online or submitted by mail:

Comments will be accepted through March 28, 2022. After the public comment period ends, the Alabama Trustee Implementation Group will review, consider, and address public comments before releasing a final Supplemental Environmental Assessment.

Read the Supplemental Environmental Assessment