Regionwide Draft Restoration Plan 1 Public Meeting Materials Available

Green turtle on a Florida beach. Image: Florida FWC

The Regionwide Trustees held two virtual public meetings to present the $99.6 million Draft Restoration Plan 1 on April 15, 2021. We will continue  to accept public comments through May 6, 2021. More information on how to submit your comments is below.

During the meetings, we held breakout sessions to answer questions about the four different restoration types included in the draft plan: sea turtles, marine mammals, oysters, and birds. Then we presented project-specific information on the draft plan, which includes 11 restoration projects across all five states bordering the Gulf of Mexico, as well as other locations. The presentation was followed by a public comment period.

Materials from the meetings include:

Submit Public Comments

The public is encouraged to submit comments on the draft plan through May 6, 2021, online or by mail.

The draft plan and fact sheets focused on each of the plan’s restoration types can be found at the Trustees’ March 22 web update.