Louisiana Trustees Propose Changes to Point-Aux-Chenes Small Boat Launch Project


The Louisiana Trustee Implementation Group has released a draft supplemental environmental assessment (PDF, 43 pages) proposing changes to the Point-Aux-Chenes Wildlife Management Area (PACWMA) Recreational Use Enhancement Project. We invite you to comment on the draft supplemental environmental assessment through March 2, 2020.

The original project was approved in the July 2018 Final Restoration Plan and Environmental Assessment #4. If approved, one component of the overall project, the boat launch for pirogues, kayaks, and other non-motorized vessels, would be moved from one part of the PACWMA to another. No additional funds would be needed to implement this change.

In this supplemental environmental assessment we evaluated three alternatives.

  • In Alternative A, the small boat launch, listed as “pirogue launch” in the plan, is in the location described in the original Restoration Plan #4, in the Montegut Unit of the PACWMA, near the town of Montegut. The project area includes native vegetation and hardwood forest that transitions to intermediate marsh, which would be affected by construction of the launch.
  • In the preferred Alternative B, the pirogue launch is moved to a new area, on top of the Terrebonne Parish 4-3C Levee and the Morganza Levee. The new location provides access to tidally influenced brackish and intermediate marsh without requiring clearing any vegetation or causing adverse effects to sensitive vegetation.
  • We also evaluated a “No Action” alternative, Alternative C.

Public comment can be submitted online or by U.S. Mail:

Read the entire Draft Supplemental Environmental Assessment for the Point-Aux-Chenes Wildlife Management Area Recreational Use Enhancement Project (PDF, 43 pages) >