Florida Trustee Implementation Group Releases Phase V.2 Final Restoration Plan


The Florida Trustee Implementation Group approved its Phase V.2 Florida Coastal Access Project: Final Restoration Plan and Supplemental Environmental Assessment (Phase V.2 Final Plan, PDF, 188 pages).

The plan is consistent with the Trustees’ Programmatic Restoration Plan and proposes projects to compensate for a portion of the lost recreational use in Florida caused by the Deepwater Horizon oil spill. In the Phase V.2 Final Plan, we have selected to fund the Salinas Park Addition, the preferred alternative described in the Phase V.2 Draft Plan (PDF, 159 pages).

The Salinas Park Addition involves acquisition and enhancement of an approximately 6-acre coastal parcel located in Cape San Blas, in Gulf County, Florida, and has an estimated cost of $3.2 million. We plan to purchase this parcel and construct park amenities, as an extension to the existing Gulf County Salinas Park, enhancing the public’s access to the surrounding natural resources and increasing recreational opportunities. The new parcel will be accessible from the existing Salinas Park Bayside parking area, as well as via the adjacent bicycle and pedestrian trail.

We released the Phase V.2 Draft Plan for review and public comment in November 2017, and held a public meeting in Port St. Joe on November 16, 2017. The final plan reflects revisions to the draft plan resulting from public comments and continuing project development.

The Phase V.2 Final Plan supplements the Final Phase V Early Restoration Plan and Environmental Assessment  that the Deepwater Horizon state and federal natural resource Trustees approved January 27, 2016.

See our fact sheet on the Phase V.2 Final Plan and Salinas Park Addition (PDF, 2 pages).