Trustees to Hold Second Annual Meeting on September 12


Trustees Postpone Second Annual Meeting

Due to the possible widespread impacts of Hurricane Irma, the Trustees have postponed the public meeting scheduled for September 12, 2017 in Mobile, Alabama. The Region-wide Trustee Implementation Group public meeting is also postponed. We remain committed to providing an annual update of our work and to hearing from you. We will reschedule the meeting as soon as possible and we’ll post the information on this website. Thank you for your interest in restoring the Gulf of Mexico.


The Trustees will hold a public meeting September 12, 2017 in Mobile, Alabama. We will provide an update on our work since the historic settlement with BP, and describe restoration planning activities and opportunities for public engagement. 

Representatives of the seven Trustee Implementation Groups (TIGs) will also give updates on their progress over the last year. These groups are responsible for planning and implementing restoration projects for the natural resources injured by the Deepwater Horizon oil spill.  Click on this link to see some of the work the Trustees have been engaged in over the past year, including implementing restoration projects, planning new restoration projects, and coordinating with the public.

This meeting will serve as the second annual public meeting for the Trustee Council and Region-wide TIG. You can view information from last year’s meeting in New Orleans.

The public meeting will include a presentation and an opportunity for the public to provide comments to the Trustees.  We also encourage you to attend the open house before the public meeting, where staff will be available for conversations and questions.

For those who cannot attend, we will post the meeting presentation and transcript on our website shortly after the meeting.

Meeting Information:


  September 12, 2017


  Open House – 5:30 PM to 6:30 PM

  Meeting – 6:30 PM to 9:00 PM


  Bon Secour I

  Renaissance Riverview Plaza 64 Water Street, Mobile, Alabama, 36602