$627 Million Gulf Spill Restoration Plan Approved


The Trustees have selected and approved the largest suite of Gulf of Mexico early restoration projects since the oil spill. The restoration plan includes 44 projects totaling an estimated $627 million.

The Final Programmatic and Phase III Early Restoration Plan and Early Restoration Programmatic Environmental Impact Statement (plan) sets a strategic approach for early restoration activities. We received thousands of public comments that were instrumental in its development. We have developed a reader-friendly guide to the plan and projects.

Our decisions on the plan are set forth and explained in a Record of Decision (ROD). Copies of the plan and the ROD are available electronically and in locations across the Gulf region.

The plan includes projects to restore barrier islands, dunes, marshes, shorelines, and oyster beds and to address lost recreational use of natural resources.

About 63 percent, or $397 million, of the projects address ecological losses. The remaining 37 percent, or $230 million, address lost recreational services.

The Phase III projects continue the early restoration process. Ultimately, BP and the other responsible parties are obligated to compensate the public for all natural resource injuries caused by the spill. We are committed to ensuring full restoration for the Gulf.