Alabama Trustee Implementation Group Releases First Draft Restoration Plan and Environmental Impact Statement


The Alabama Trustee Implementation Group has released its first draft restoration plan and environmental impact statement (EIS). The restoration activities proposed in this plan will compensate the public for lost recreational shoreline use opportunities in Alabama caused by the Deepwater Horizon oil spill.

Trustees Make Updates to Standard Operating Procedures


The Trustees have updated their standard operating procedures. These operating procedures guide the long-term management, implementation, and administration of settlement funds for natural resource restoration. 

The changes include revisions to:

  • Section 2.2 (Trustee Council Management Structure)
  • Section 3.4 (Records Retention)

And the addition of:

Save the Date: Mississippi TIG Public Meeting


The Mississippi Trustee Implementation Group (MS TIG) will hold its first annual public meeting on November 15, 2016, in Biloxi, Mississippi. The meeting will be held in conjunction with the Mississippi Department of Environmental Quality’s (MDEQ's) Restoration Summit. During the Restoration Summit, representatives from the MS TIG will provide an update on our restoration planning efforts and will be available to answer questions during the Restoration Summit’s open house. We look forward to seeing the public at this meeting.

Notice of Initiation for Restoration Plan Drafting in Mississippi


The Mississippi Trustee Implementation Group has initiated drafting its 2016-2017 Restoration Plan/Environmental Assessment. This is its first restoration plan to begin addressing natural resource injuries from the Deepwater Horizon oil spill. It will be drafted consistent with programmatic restoration plan.