NOAA has unveiled a web archive of the maps, wildlife reports, scientific reports and other information that was used by emergency responders, fishermen, mariners, and local officials during the Deepwater BP oil spill. "Good science underpins everything we do at NOAA, and our scientists worked tirelessly during the spill to monitor the oceans, coasts and skies," said NOAA administrator Dr. Jane Lubchenco. "Much of that mission-critical information is now available in this library." The Deepwater Horizon Library contains previously released public information related to the response, including:

  • Press releases related to the spill
  • More than 100 wildlife reports, including reports related to sea turtles and marine mammals
  • 450 nearshore, offshore, and cumulative oil trajectory forecasts and other maps
  • Publications, including fact sheets, reports, and FAQs
  • Videos and images from the response.

The archive also contains educational resources, and mission logs by crew members on board several of the eight NOAA ships responding to the spill and assisting with the damage assessment. NOAA will continue to update the website with information products in the weeks and months ahead. To learn more about NOAA's response to the spill and keep up to date on the latest news, sign up to receive e-mail updates.