Media observing shoreline surveys in Barataria Bay.

Media observing shoreline surveys in Barataria Bay.

Throughout the assessment process, we will offer opportunities to interview experts and to observe work being done in the field.


If you would like to speak with an expert or request an interview for a story on the NRDA process for the Deepwater Horizon oil spill, please email us with the following information:

  • name,
  • organization,
  • contact information (include phone numbers and email),
  • media format (radio, TV, print),
  • format desired (e.g., full interview, a question answered),
  • whether the interview will be conducted live or prerecorded,
  • deadline.

Observational Tours

Specific days and activities have been designated to allow guided groups to shadow a NRDA assessment team at a discrete distance while they conduct their assessment activities in the field. These activities might include shoreline assessments, wildlife observations, or the sampling of oil, water, tissues, or sediments. Depending upon the circumstances, these activities might be conducted on foot or by boat.

Visitors are permitted to take photos and videos of the assessment teams at work, but taking photographs or video of any data sheets will not be permitted. In most cases, speaking with the field teams will also not be permitted, as it may distract focus from their work. Visitors will, however, be accompanied by someone who can describe the activities that they are seeing and provide background information about the NRDA process and how these data might be used in it. Please note: there is no guarantee that oil will be observed.

We need at least two operational periods—or three days—from the time of the request until the activity can be observed.  An operational period is defined as a field cycle spanning from 6am until 6pm.  For example, if a request for observations is received at anytime on Friday, the earliest visit would be scheduled for Monday morning to notify all parties involved in that field activity and arrange for experts and escorts to travel to the site to meet the visitors.